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FriendlyNappy Reusable Diaper-4PCS

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The FriendlyNappy Reusable Diaper FriendlyNappy reusable diapers are soft, breathable, eco-friendly, and reusable thanks to our microfiber water-resistant liners.

Our liners are easy to clean, washable, and dryer safe. They prevent leaking and bad odors. The only diapers your baby will need! With the idea of reusability, all of the FriendlyNappy products are BPA free and certified with SGS Certification, allowing you to use our products without any concerns of harmful chemical

Super Comfortable In order to provide high-quality service for mothers all around the world, FriendlyNappy reusable diapers are made of high-quality material that is soft, breathable, with comfy elastic around the legs.

Our reusable diapers are free of any harmful chemicals and certified by SGS Certification, this will keep your baby’s butt safe from redness & irritation. Reusable

Tired of buying a lot of diapers mommies? FriendlyNappy reusable diapers will help you solve this problem. Our reusable diapers are waterproof and reusable thanks to our microfiber water-resistant liners.

Our liners are easy to clean, washable, and dryer safe. They also prevent leaking and bad odors! Eco-Friendly Since FriendlyNappy reusable diapers are reusable and our liners can unfold for a quicker drying time, so you don’t need to change the cover every single time, which reduces washing. And using our FriendlyNappy reusable diapers will help reduce unnecessary garbages.

Mommies, this will help you save your time and money. While you and your baby are saving the world at the same time!! Help save your money and time Do you know that your little one uses approximately 6-12 diapers a day?! No worries, let our Friendlynappy reusable diapers be the solution for you.

Our Friendlynappy reusable diapers are completely affordable compared to the time of usage and you can easily purchase this with one click! So, mommies, this will save a lot of your money and time! Adjustable One size fits most, with snapping buttons on various rows around the nappy to alter the fit.

Fits babies to toddlers weighing 6lbs to 33lbs 3kg to 15kg.

Care Instructions

Always wash before first use. Place the liners into the nappy through the rear pocket on the inside. If needed multiple liners can be utilized to boost absorption. To avoid nappy rash, change the diaper every 2-3 hours or when it becomes damp.

What’s included 4 x FriendlyNappyreusable diapers.

Please note: FriendlyNappy liners are sold separately.


Our garments are made with organic cotton and non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes. Our toys are made from untreated hardwood or hand-knit with organic cotton yarn.


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